Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of people are members?
Most of our members would probably describe themselves as career people of one sort or another. A typical cross-section of our membership might include teachers, accountants, nurses, engineers, secretaries, insurance administrators and retail managers. We welcome applications from both single people and couples.
Why would I want to join?
To get more out of Norwich & Norfolk, make new friends and try some new activities. People join for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’re new to the area and want to meet like minded people or perhaps you’re just sick of Saturday night TV. Joining IVC also gives you access to a diverse range of events which you might not be able to organise yourself.
What does IVC stand for?
IVC stands for‘Inter Varsity Club’, a rather old fashioned title that goes back many decades. The first IVC started in the forties as a social club for recent university graduates, hence the name. Today we tend to refer to the club by the initials IVC.
What sort of events are held?
Typical IVC events include: cinema and theatre trips, walks, restaurant visits, concerts (rock, pop, jazz and classical), parties, nightclubbing, badminton, ten-pin bowling, swimming, camping, go-karting, quad biking, boat trips, horse riding, board games evenings, quiz nights, barbecues, pub nights, holidays (skiing, walking trips, weekends at Center Parcs), and so on – there are over 200 events every year.
Is this a dating club?
No. We are an activities-based club with a range of single people, couples and married members. Having said that, people do pair up from time to time, and there have been a number of IVC weddings over the years!
What is the age range for members?
Most of our existing members are in their early 20s to early 40s. We advertise for people in their 20s and 30s to try and maintain the age profile of the club. If you are in your 40s and feel you would fit in with the current membership, we would be pleased to hear from you. If you are in your 50s or older, our new members officers can suggest other local organisations which you may like to try.
How many members do you have?
Currently we have just over 100 members.
Are you a religious or political club?
No, in fact the club’s constitution specifically rules out any such links.
Do I have to organise an event?
Although not compulsory, we expect members, once they have become established, to try and take an active part by organising at least one event in the year.

Organising an event could be something as simple as booking a meal at a restaurant or choosing a pub for a pub night.
Who runs the club?
We have a committee that makes sure certain administrative things happen but it’s not just up to them to organise events – that’s up to all the members.
What are the costs?
Membership is currently £20 per year. We do however offer the first 2 months absolutely free to give you the chance to sample what we have to offer.
We are a self-run ‘not for profit’ club. Events are run by members for members so there are no additional costs beyond the cost of the activities themselves.
What do subscriptions pay for?
Our main costs are printing and mailing the monthly bulletin of events to members; advertising the club in the local media; subsidising some larger events and providing public liability insurance.
Can I bring my children along?
Organisers of events which are suitable for children will indicate this in the bulletin. You should assume that, unless stated, events are for adult members only.
Are there IVC clubs in other places?
Yes, there are 45 clubs in towns and cities across the UK, loosely affiliated through AIVC, the Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs. You can find out about other IVC clubs through the AIVC website.
How can I get involved?
You can request more information by email, ring or text one of our new members officers, or come along to one of our regular club nights – see “how to join” for more information.
What is a club night?
Club nights are usually held on Wednesday evenings.  Members meet up at a venue such as a pub, restaurant or hotel for a drink and a chat.  The main IVC clubnight is held at The Nelson hotel on the last Wednesday of the month.  Please note – club nights do not involve night clubbing!